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We ended the month of April with 53,236 confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 in Canada. As of May 31, we had 90,947 confirmed and presumptive cases across the country. Nunavut remains the only Canadian jurisdiction to be COVID-free (after a false positive case identified at the beginning of May)

Canada, and countries around the world are slowly beginning the re-opening. Having said that, mass gatherings of all kinds (i.e. music festivals, sports, fairs, etc.) are on hold for fear of rapid spreading of SARS-COV-2. When can we expect the return of music festivals? Read the predictions below.


You’ll find two clinical resources below – UptoDate requires no introduction for many of you – there is no paywall on the COVID-19 guide below.

The Seattle guide is a document complied by various physicians in the Seattle area on all things COVID-19 related.  You will find links to research articles embedded within the guide. It may not be the best formatted document, but it definitely packs a ton of information.

[UptoDate] Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): Epidemiology, virology, clinical features, diagnosis, and prevention
[Seattle Collaborative Guide] Frontline COVID-19 Guide
Epidemiology of and Risk Factors for Coronavirus Infection in Health Care Workers


This re-opening guide was written with contribution from professionals across North America, specifically for events, entertainment venues and event professionals.

ESA Reopening Guide — Event Safety Alliance

COVID – Legal

Two aspects emerged as the re-opening plans kicks into high gear – what are the legal liabilities for those operating and whether the use of legal waivers is the answer. Secondly, as events around the world are cancelled or postponed, some events are facing potential class action lawsuits over decisions of not refunding patrons.

COVID-19, sports and waivers: How to limit the risk of legal liability in the “new normal”

Ultra Music Festival Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Refund Policy

COVID – Insurance

In typical times, insurance is the safety net for many events organizers. Whether it’s personal injuries, issues with venues/vendors and/or involuntary cancellation of events. However, COVID-19 has led many to wonder if insurance would really protect them. Should COVID-19 be classed as an “Act of God”? How would that affect coverage available to policyholders?

Why COVID-19 cost this reinsurer $1.2 billion in three months

COVID – Mass Gathering

By now most of us have resigned to the fact there will likely not be any mass gatherings for the remainder of the year. However, some have predicted the trend will continue well into 2021 or even 2022. Why is that? You can read more from the links below.

The other aspect of mass gathering is the potential for rapid spread of the disease. You will find some interesting articles below about “silent spreaders” and “super-spreaders”.

No festivals in 2021 either? Organizers fear future insurance terms

UK live music and festival sector at risk of collapse due to coronavirus

Superspreader Events Offer a Clue on Curbing Coronavirus

Coronavirus: The mystery of ‘silent spreaders’

COVID – Research

Four journal articles that may be of interest to you. First, the Lancet article looked into the history of how masks became a standard tool in medical setting.  

Next, the The New England Journal of Medicine article reviews cases from the Seattle region. The breakdown in data may be of interest to you.

Finally, two articles from the Canadian Medical Association Journal – one on the prediction of demands for CCU beds in Canada based on whether self-isolation protocol was followed, and the other looking at lessons that can be learnt from Hong Kong’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

[The Lancet] A history of the medical mask and the rise of throwaway culture

[NEJM] Covid-19 in Critically Ill Patients in the Seattle Region — Case Series

[CMAJ] Projecting demand for critical care beds during COVID-19 outbreaks in Canada

[CMAJ] What can countries learn from Hong Kong’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic?


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