Event Medical Media Scan – August 2020 Edition

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We ended June ranking 20th in terms of the number of confirmed COVID-cases around the world, according to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Centre. At the end of July, we are now ranked 22nd – a certain sign that Canada is doing relatively well in flattening the curve.

This edition of the Media Scan will focus on the future: What kind of guidelines for mass gatherings or sports events? How would a music festival or rave fit into the physical-distance world?  We will also shift back into our regular EMMS feature in looking at harm reduction.

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As we emerge from COVID-19 spring season, and as we look into the 2021 event season, what are the recommendations and guidance for hosting events? We included 4 different resources looking at specific sectors in the event industry.

(Scotland) Coronavirus (COVID-19): events sector guidance

UCI procedures to be followed when the 2020 season of road cycling competitions resumes

(UK) COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Guidance for Road Race and Multi-Terrain Race Organisers in the UK

The Future

We know the 2020 event season is virtually all but completely wiped out as a result of COVID-19. Some of the events are struggling financially and may not be returning again. 

However, for those who can weather the storm,  what does the future look like for 2021 and beyond? “pig pens”, socially-distanced circles, empty rows are just some of the options being explored.

What will 2020’s “pandemic-proof” music festival season look like?

Do drive-in concerts offer a safe return to live music before 2022?

Socially distanced ‘pig pens’ could replace mosh pits at ‘COVID-safe’ concerts and festivals

COVID May Make Festivals Too Expensive For Most


it comes as no surprise that mass gatherings are considered to be “high risk” events for the spread of COVID-19.  Parties in Kelowna, BC over the Canada Day long weekend resulted in almost 140 confirmed cases, and over 1000 people being required to self-isolate.

A German researcher is interested in exploring how mass transmission work. Any volunteers?

Most People With Coronavirus Won’t Spread It. Why Do a Few Infect Many?

‘Superspreading’ events, triggered by people who may not even know they are infected, propel coronavirus pandemic

Harm Reduction

Readers from our January edition of the EMMS may recall the State of New South Wales in Australia enacted some tough regulations over music festivals in the name of safety and security. Interesting to note a report determined the regulations did not achieve the objectives they set out to do.

You may also find interests in two separate journal articles looking at the outcome of drugs analysis at music festivals in Australia and New Zealand.

Tough regulations to make NSW music festivals safer did not reduce drug-related incidents: report

Festival testing: A survey of suspected drugs seized from New Zealand music festivals, December 2018 to March 2019

Toxicological analysis of serious drug-related harm among electronic dance music festival attendees in New South Wales, Australia: A consecutive case series

(UK) Teenager died from ecstasy overdose at music festival, coroner finds

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