Glen Levers

Event Operations, Respiratory Therapist

Glen was brought into the ‘event medicine’ fold by the infamous Dr. Evil (a.k.a. Dr. Adam Lund) back in 2013. He is a licensed, Respiratory Therapist who has been practicing for over 20 years. Glen has had a varied past, working in community hospitals, R & D, providing primary and supportive airway control, as well as flying clients from the four corners of the world on Medevacs. He is currently working at a trauma facility where he assists micropreems to breathe, as well as working in the Adult Neuro Trauma ICU, and Trauma Emerg.

Glen began his event experiences at small music and sporting venues in his first year. Then graduating to team lead. With the guidance and support from the medical management team, Glen has gone on to support larger music venues and obstacle adventure events, like the Tough Mudder, both here in BC and in Alberta. He then become the Moto Medical Lead for the Subaru Ironman Canada events starting back in 2014.

“My fondest memories are starting my days off with Dr. Rose in the Resuscitation area, covering the swim portion of the Ironman event. Followed by 8 more hours ‘in the saddle’ on my motorbike as a First Responder with ‘strong airway skills’. Whether it’s for someone who is short of breath or wheezy, to someone who can not breathe that also has chest pain, I am able to get to them quickly on my motorcycle.”

Glen totally enjoys all the good laughs and fun times of being on event. He believes in a healthy lifestyle (bringing his guns out for Tough Mudder…we think he means his ‘muscles’ lol). Glen has an adventurous attitude, where no job is too small. He is always willing to help out.

RT’s are generally A-typical, can work outside the box, and are natural problem solvers. Perfect for the type of work (if that’s what you can it) of an event medic. Glen feels proud to be working with friends, family, and people who he knows will have your back to help you forward.