Meagan Price

Event Operations/ Primary Care Paramedic | BC & AB

Meagan is currently practicing at the Primary Care Paramedic level, holding dual licensure in British Columbia and Alberta. Her day job is working as a pre-hospital care provider on the streets of British Columbia cities. This year she decided to take on a new challenge, thus, she began her Advanced Care Paramedic Diploma program at SAIT, Calgary. 

Meagan first fell in love with event medicine in 2013 after working her first music festival. She began to seek out further event opportunities, and in doing so, found the remarkable Odyssey Medical Team! Her first Odyssey event was in 2016 at Center of Gravity Music Festival. She enjoyed the teamwork, passion, and educational benefit this company possessed which had her hooked immediately. Since then she has volunteered with Odyssey at numerous events, but was continually asking herself, “How can I get more involved?”  

In 2019, that question was answered as Meagan began a new journey to become a M-O-M (Medical Operations Manager). Her enrolment in “M-O-M School” has allowed her to be out in the field teaching and helping new volunteers or assisting in main medical. One of Meagan’s favourite quotes can be related to the way in which Odyssey operates – ’Teamwork makes the dream work’.