Shana Jamani Lund | Festival Health Coordinator

Registered Nurse, Master of Nursing

Shana is an educator in the field of psychiatric nursing at Douglas College, a registered nurse, a mom of two teenaged daughters and works as Odyssey’s Festival Health Consultant.

Shana is an avid music lover and has spent over 30 years attending concerts and music festivals as a patron.  After her graduation from UBC School of Nursing in 1991, she worked primarily in the area of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at BC Children’s Hospital.  In 1996, she obtained her master’s degree in Family Systems Nursing and began working with and supporting families dealing with mental illness. 

Her interest in event medicine was first sparked when her husband, Dr. Adam Lund, volunteered as a physician on the medical team for the original Pemberton Music Festival in 2008.  As an observer, she was struck by the amount of people who came to seek support; not just in the form of medical attention, but also for psychological reassurance. 

“The crowded setting of music festivals, the long days spent outside in a variable climate, paired with the use of recreational substances creates the perfect storm for many people to become overwhelmed and to decompensate both physically and emotionally.  I wanted to do more than just watch from the outside – so I joined Odyssey and haven’t looked back.”

Since 2013, Shana has brought her passions for mental health, education and music together in her work in Festival Health.  Her speciality is creating safe spaces for festival attendees who are needing to take a break, rehydrate, and/or connect with non-judgmental, knowledgeable staff in order prevent or reduce any potential risks.  As a nurse, the goal of health promotion is at the heart of Festival Health and Shana embraces and instills the principles of harm reduction to the members of the Festival Health team. 

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