Tracie Jones

Emergency Nursing & Disaster Medicine Consultant, Event Operations, Policy Development | BC

Tracie Jones is an emergency nursing and disaster medicine consultant for Odyssey Medical.  Her call sign is “Ditch Nurse” and yes, there is a story with that name; ask her when you meet her.  

Tracie works on events with the clinical team providing higher level of care response.  She prides herself on responding to calls in some of the most unlikely places [see call sign]. Tracie lends her Emergency/Critical Care and Forensic Nursing expertise to the clinical team when on events.  She also reviews policies and helps with education creation and delivery for Odyssey in her off-event hours.

Tracie started with Odyssey at Tough Mudder Whistler in 2017 and was instantly hooked on event medicine.  Her regular Monday to Friday job includes managing the Provincial Biocontainment Unit/Provincial Training Centre located at Surrey Memorial Hospital which trains and provides care for any patients with highly contagious emerging and rare pathogens.  Additionally, Tracie manages the Respiratory Therapy Department and is the chair for the site-based Emergency Management Committee.  Tracie is also a Heart and Stroke BLS/ACLS instructor.

Tracie loves working in the event world.  The complexities and challenges that each event brings allows her to utilize all of her experience and education in one place.  Best part of the job….is planning for disasters and then preventing them from happening.

E-Mail: [email protected]