Building Trust As Communities Begin To Re-Open During A Global Pandemic | Our Pandemic Promise

Communities are coming together and businesses are beginning to re-open in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic.  The Community Pandemic Promise is a tool, or ‘social contract’ that you can use to represent the mutual trust we all require, whether you are re-opening a business, returning to work, shopping, or attending sporting and entertainment events.  By making this Promise you are doing your part to reduce the spread of this highly contagious virus called COVID-19.

From January through March, we began planning for our upcoming event season.  In late March, we were hopeful that this ‘pandemic’ that was gaining traction in the news wasn’t going to impact our season very much.  As more information began coming through, it became very clear that this summer was going to be much different than we have ever experienced before.  Event after event began cancelling or postponing until next summer. 

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Ironman Medical: Planning a ‘Medical Quadrathlon’

Triathlons are amongst my favourite events from a medical and safety planning perspective. It is a series of events within events. A full Ironman-distance triathlon is one of the biggiesto support, in what can be a 21 or 22 hour ‘pull’ for the medical support team. The teams of multi-disciplinary professionals who come together to support these tremendous athletes are second to none. 

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