How Disney Shaped My Personal Odyssey

by Adam Lund

The event medical community is special to me.  I’ve been involved in event medical coverage at community events since I was a ‘tween’ with a variety of organizations, in many different roles, from junior first aider to medical director. The network of people I have interacted with who share this passion inspire me to continue to invest a ridiculous amount of time in this work. Just ask my wife, Shana!

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A is for Abracadabra – Staying Current in the Real World

In a perfect world, by virtue of some unique magic, everyone would know what they need to know to do their best work. Every source of knowledge and learning would be consistent. Every piece of information would align with every other piece of information, without contradiction.

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Ironman Medical: Planning a ‘Medical Quadrathlon’

Triathlons are amongst my favourite events from a medical and safety planning perspective. It is a series of events within events. A full Ironman-distance triathlon is one of the biggiesto support, in what can be a 21 or 22 hour ‘pull’ for the medical support team. The teams of multi-disciplinary professionals who come together to support these tremendous athletes are second to none. 

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Odyssey Welcome Blog

Welcome to our little corner of the Internet. We’ve wanted to have a place for quite some time where we can harness, showcase and share the thoughts, knowledge, wisdom, talents, sense of humour and lived-experiences of our many team members and leads all across Canada, and internationally.

As an opening entry in our blog, we thought we’d fill you in on why the name ‘Odyssey’ has some meaning for us.

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