Leadership & Learning

Because everyone has a talent that they can share. Think about a vacation you took, remember telling everyone all about your adventures when you got back? Now let’s say, a friend of yours visited the same the place. I bet both of you were super excited to share your stories with each other and thought that your trip couldn’t have been any better BUT now your friend’s experience has got you thinking about what you are going to do the next time you go travel.

Shared experiences are richer experiences. That is why a lot of us get involved. We are people who are passionate about different kinds of special events and we ALWAYS have a unique story to share by the end of it. Many of us work hard at our ‘day jobs,’ but we are social and we want to go do fun stuff after with adventurous people! Many members of our team have made life long friends because they decided to get involved.

You have a lot of knowledge and expertise to share. Now replace story and insert ‘your talent.’ Did you know that everyone on the team has the ability to teach someone else something new? That feels great! It’s such a fun environment to learn in!

You will learn new skills. Maybe you have never driven an all-terrain vehicle before and you are a cardiac surgeon. Or, maybe you build rockets that will land on Mars and you want to come out and learn about what it takes to build a mini-emergency room in the field. Who knows?