Odyssey Core Staff

We welcome everyone who wants to do what it takes to ensure the event attendees and participants experience their best events ever. We are looking to change the world, one event at a time.

Whether you have a healthcare background or bring other types of expertise to the team, we have roles you will enjoy. For example:

  • transport – we need “drivers” for everything from bikes and golf carts to motorcycles and big rigs
  • healthcare – we need physicians, nurses, paramedics, first aiders, specialty care providers
  • event support – we welcome unit clerks, scribes, organized people
  • crew support – grandmas, grandpas, moms, dads, teens, to help keep us going. Make sure we are fed and watered and taking breaks!
  • equipment curators – cool people who want to hang out, listen to music, and wash mud off of cots and restock equipment and supplies so we are “show ready” for the next event
  • Event Leaders
  • and so much more…