Team Odyssey is a community, a family and it’s fun! By volunteering with Odyssey, you are able to make a difference to the people around you. This helps to build an existing experience, gain new skills and build friendships. This is a great way to gain some hands on experience in a out of the hospital or first aid room setting. Some days we are setting up a field hospital in the in the middle of a field, and there are other times the team is driving UTV’s out in the middle of campsites at a music festival.

Each event is different, the team is diverse and always has something to teach to others. We hope that you want to get inspired, and join the fun! We are also ALWAYS ready to welcome great new clinicians, operators, field responders, unit clerks, general volunteers, communications experts, social media leads and much, much more.  The mix of people on the team and the huge diversity in skill-sets is what makes Odyssey’s team epic.