Core Events

Odyssey is happy to provide onsite medical care to keep your spectators, participants, athletes and attendees safe. Core events vary from sporting events, and conferences, to obstacle course events and everything in between. Looking for a team out on course, or a sweep vehicle for your sporting event? We are able to provide!

We understand the uniqueness of each event and tailor the medical team to your event’s needs. Our team specializes in creating the “right” response capacity for your event’s unique risk profile. We’ve got you covered!

Core Events are our ‘bread and butter’ and usually can be managed by a small first responder team. They tend to be smaller in size, and up to moderate in risk as it pertains to expected illness or injury presentations.

If you are looking for a first aid team and/or paramedic level coverage for your events, reach out to us for a Core Event quote.

Obstacle Adventure Courses

Obstacle Adventures Courses have been a hugely popular activity with risk profiles ranging from amateur fun to serious high end athletic endeavour.

Looking for first aid and/or medical coverage and a plan for your Obstacle Adventure Course? There are some key things to consider.

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