Medical Direction Program Overview

Since 2017, we have been sharing it with other companies. We are collaborative and client-focused. You know your company best, and you know what you need. Every client is unique, so we have created a range of possible options. Having access to an insured team of consultants, along with a set of evidence-based policies, procedures, and clinical protocols is one way to prepare for unexpected, urgent or emergent situations.

Odyssey has built a Medical Direction and Symptom Relief program to support first responders, medics and advanced medical team members providing medical care at special events and remote deployments nationally.

Our current offerings include:

Clinical Medical Direction Coverage

  • Individual Coverage – Single Provider
  • Company – Group Coverage
  • Company – Single Event Coverage  
  • Company Level Medical Direction

Medical Direction ‘a la carte’ Services

  • Real-time Medical Direction
  • Prescriptions & Symptom Relief Medications/Supplies
  • Critical Incident Debriefing and Consultation
  • Medicolegal Consultation
  • Administrative Services

Medical Direction and Operations Consulting

  • Risk Assessments and Consultation for Events, Venues or Unique Deployments

If you haven’t already done so, and would like to proceed with an application for Medical Direction Services, click the button below.