Dr. Natalie Chan

Family Physician, Event Medical Director | BC

Fundamentally, Natalie has always believed in following her heart wherever it leads. Recently, it led her right into the heart of event medicine with Odyssey Medical. She believes in strong medical care built upon excellent teamwork and clear communication. With Odyssey, she strives to work with every team member to continuously learn and grow their medical knowledge. Being part of a medical team at special events means that you are surrounded by passionate and energetic people that simultaneously take acute care seriously and also enjoy an appropriate level of fun during our downtime. 

What I love most and look forward to is the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people ranging from nurses and paramedics to firefighters and first aiders. Each and every event offers a unique learning opportunity across all disciplines and builds strong multi-disciplinary teams that function at a high capacity in caring for each special microcosm of our province.

In her daily career, Natalie is a family physician currently practicing at Three Bridges Community Health Clinic, providing full-service primary care, opioid agonist therapy, and transgender care for Vancouver’s most vulnerable populations. She locums at various clinics around Vancouver and in rural BC. Natalie also runs the Be the Change Group, a technical and creative consulting agency in the fields of health, education, and climate change. When she is not in the clinic, you’ll find her with her loved ones exploring Vancouver for another superb meal.