Odyssey Consultants

Stephen Chui | Legal & Compliance Advisor

Stephen (aka Ops Gadget) is Odyssey’s Legal and Compliance Advisor. Stephen’s primary role at Odyssey concerns with all things legal – contracts, privacy, and regulatory compliance. He is also one of the crew coordinators for various Major Planned Events (MPEs) in British Columbia.

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Paul Snobelen | Training & Event Operations

Paul Snobelen, Call sign “Ops Poppa”. Paul is certified as a Crisis and Trauma Responder and author of “Helping Those Who Help: A Lay Responder Support Model” and co-author of “Please. Don’t. Die.” Paul’s primary focus is on increasing the propensity of action by supporting the learning and development with Odyssey’s field staff to improve service delivery  and supporting Odyssey’s staff after dealing with those critical incidents.

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