Craig Bertagnolli | Event Medical Director – AB & BC

Craig Bertagnolli; call sign OPS – Charlie, is an Advanced Care Paramedic based in Western Canada, licensed and practicing as an emergency and community paramedic in Alberta, as well as holding his British Columbia ACP license. 

Advanced Care Paramedic, Dispatch and Communications Consultant, Tactical Medicine. Craig holds active roles at Odyssey in field response, dispatch, education and event planning.

Events have been a part of Craig’s life since his early teens, beginning with a small but ever growing sound and production company while simultaneously furthering his medical education. In 2012, he merged his two passions and joined established teams providing medical services at music festivals. 

Craig’s experience with sound and event production gives greater insight into client expectations, guest movements, anticipating areas of incidents and the importance of fiscal responsibility while not compromising guest experience.

With a very fortunate career that extends beyond event medicine, Craig has been to provide care in remote locations across Canada as well as the Middle East and South Africa. When practicing in these locations, communications and planning is paramount and it was instilled early on in these austere environments to always have a backup to your back up, as even when communications fail, you cannot.

Craig can be found on event filling many roles, however his guiding philosophy in medicine is “if you can’t find the patient, you can’t help the patient” and puts great focus on planning and efficient locating of patrons in ever changing and complex environments from the vast expanses of camping festivals to the confines of stadium events.

E-Mail: [email protected]