Elora Martin | Director of Event Operations – West

Elora is Odyssey’s Director of Event Operations in the West.  She considers herself a ‘lifer’ in the world of event medicine and can almost always be found managing our crew covering local community events or organizing the team in preparation of our next major planned event. Her call sign is usually MOM or OPS Unicorn.

“I have found my dream job, It’s an addiction! After taking an OFA2 course, I wanted to use all the new skills I had learned. I found Odyssey and spend most of my weekends and evenings covering all kinds of events. I have a passion for every aspect of event medical and cannot wait for the next festival season to begin, right after the previous one ends!”

Elora is now a licensed Emergency Medical Responder and also has a background in bookkeeping. She recently completed the Construction Safety Officer program, to gain more knowledge about building festival sites. Elora has an extensive volunteer background with St. John Ambulance.  Her most current endeavour is with their community transportation team assisting members of the community with non-emergent transports.

Every detail counts when planning medical services for large scale events (especially when multiple events run on the same dates).  Elora’s high level of organization is key to keeping each of our events on track, on budget, and delivered on time.  She makes it look easy!

  • Reliability – if it’s mission critical, it’s going to get done!
  • Flexibility – events are ‘fluid’, ever changing. Each event is unique and no matter the extent of pre-planning, there will always be something that requires an outside-the-box solution.
  • Management – focusing on key elements while delegating other important responsibilities to members of the event operation’s team.
  • Empowerment – encourages new crew members to take on new experiences and opportunities at each event. Reaching out and getting to know what drives each of our crew members.

E-mail:  [email protected]