Jan Thomas | Director of Finance

Jan is Odyssey’s Director of Finance  – call-sign, or commonly referred to as JT. Jan’s primary focus is keeping the lights on and money in the bank.

“I believe that our event customers, crew and patients deserve the best, everything I do at Odyssey supports our team in delivering on the highest quality service.”

As the Director of Finance with Odyssey, Jan manages Customer Service, Accounting and Business process. Jan has worked in the “event world” since 2008, and before that worked in a health promotion background.  Jan holds an undergraduate degree in environmental geography and a graduate degree with her main focus being the recreational and environmental impacts of recreation in multi-use environments.

Outside of work,  she practises daily physical activity and is out every morning before 6AM with her trusty exercise and office companion Nash (150+ lb Malamute).  Jan is a nature enthusiast and enjoys the trails and country roads surrounding her home with her family. Stray animals and ones without homes seem to make their way to her doorstep and at any point in time you will find her and her family with an assortment of creatures in need – including garden snails mending their shells.

E-mail:   [email protected]