Kerrie Lewis | Education, IT, Multimedia, & Project Management

Kerrie is one of Odyssey’s consultants for Education, IT, Multimedia, & Project Management.

She seems to have an uncanny ability to attract the opposite of ‘quiet nights.’ As such, she has earned the rank of ‘dark cloud.’

“I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure style books as a kid.  You know the ones with all those different endings?  It seems that I have carried that over into my event medicine career.  My specialty is planning equipment for large and complex events and then trying to come up with as many different scenarios as possible to see if I can break the equipment plan.”

Her interest in healthcare started many years ago when she had no first aid knowledge but stopped to help a cyclist who was hit by a cement truck.  Shortly after that, she signed up for ‘the biggest’ first aid course she could find at the time – Occupational First Aid Level 3.

Wanting to gain more experience Kerrie began volunteering with St. John Ambulance in 2000.  She was a Divisional Staff Officer with the Tri-Cities Brigade in Port Moody and a First Aid Instructor for many years.  In 2007, Kerrie became a Licensed Practical Nurse.  She enjoyed working on a medical/surgical ward but her favourite form of nursing was with hospice. In 2010, Kerrie became a member of UBC’s Mass Gathering Medicine Interest Group’s Executive Team and worked as a Senior Research Assistant and also became a licensed Emergency Medical Responder.

In 2014 Kerrie began working full-time with UBC’s Department of Emergency Medicine Residency Program.  Kerrie enjoyed the challenge of scheduling ~30 medical students and residents doing Emergency Department rotations each month.  She cared about each learner and personalized their schedules to their individual needs each block.  Also during this time, Kerrie joined Odyssey Medical and brought with her over 15 years of event medical experience.  

  • Organization – attention to the smallest details – the little things that make the biggest impact
  • Dedication – working insane hours orchestrating medical equipment, teaching, providing patient care, and promoting research.
  • Integrity – a high level of trust and professionalism
  • Processes & Systems – taking thoughts and ideas from team members and breaking them down into easy to follow steps and action

E-mail:  [email protected]