Michael Lyall | Event Operations, Policy

Michael is one of Odyssey’s Event Operators, works with the medical direction team on policy development, as well as an on-event paramedic. Call-sign ‘OPS Mike’.

Michael works with the operations team and assists in the development of the event, as well supports the team on event in a clinical and field lead role. 

“I’m passionate about ‘the medicine’ and helping others. Working with Odyssey has allowed me to mix these passions with the out of hospital challenges. I enjoy working with the medical teams to ensure a successful event.”

Michael joined Odyssey in the early days in a lifeguard and water safety role back in 2011. He has continued to grow his skill set and role within Odyssey, and now works as a Primary Care Paramedic for the Region of Peel and for Rama First Nations Paramedic Services in his ‘day job’. He also has grown into a leadership role, supporting team members on event in the field and in our clinics. 

E-Mail: [email protected]