Tim Stezik | Risk, Safety & Operations Advisor

Tim is Odyssey’s Senior Event Safety and Operations Advisor. Call-sign ‘OPS Tango/Command Tango’. Tim oversees the events from a risk management and risk aversion outlook, as well as being part of the management and command team on event.

“I love being part of the team. I love being part of the planning, the event, working with and for our staff which I like to call the family. And, I like helping festival and event goers.  I enjoy working with the new leaders as they blossom into new leaders in life!”

Tim started with Kevin at one of Odyssey’s first events. He’s a full-time fire fighter with Toronto Fire Services on a technical rescue truck. Tim is currently an acting captain, trainer, educator and also works as a risk manager and risk analyst for an insurance company on high risk events. Tim brings a level of professionalism with his experience and education.

Tim works with and for the management team providing critical analysis, and is part of the management team in Ontario working with the major planned events from the planning stage to the operational stage, to demobilizations.  Not afraid to get dirty and seen as the “old Man” and the “Clint Eastwood,” Tim has been part of Odyssey from the grassroots, and has a passion for people and leading.

  • Caring – I care about the team, the guest, the event.
  • Leadership – I believe in mentoring others as I have learned from the best and had the best mentors along the journey.
  • Risk Analysis – Critical thinking and risk aversion is key in the world we are in. Experience is an asset along with education.
  • Management – Teaching others to lead and manage is a passion and path for self growth and development.
  • Service for all – Odyssey delivers the highest level to clients, guests, staff and partners.

E-mail:  tim.stezik@odysseymedical.ca