Pandemic Promise

The Pandemic Promise is a project supervised by faculty in the Department of Emergency Medicine at UBC, and the work product of a UBC School of Population and Public Health Masters Program practicum.

We are all responsible for keeping our communities safe. This document provides an overview of the Community Pandemic Promise. Our shared responsibility.

These next posters, break down the ‘Promise’ into the responsibilities of the businesses and organizations. They also break down what ‘We’ promise, that is each of us as individuals (employees and/or customers). And lastly, the poster covers the things we accept and do with good intentions in support of our communities.

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Promise from ‘Institutions/Organizations/Businesses/Hosting Entities

Promise from ‘Individuals’

Acceptance of risk and variability over time

We hope you found these posters helpful and informational. If you would like to reach out to us with any questions, contact us at: [email protected]