Odyssey Medical

We have a wealth of experience in supporting special events. Whether your event is a marathon, cycling event or obstacle adventure course, a music festival, concert, or VIP speaker, a stadium-based event, parade or civic celebration, we have the expertise. We are national leaders in event medical, first aid, health and safety for mass gatherings. We have expertise in risk management, emergency planning, traffic planning, event operations and medical direction.

Event Medical Services

Major Planned Events

Our multi-disciplinary leadership team members have decades of experience and we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach.

We deliver on time, on expectations, and on budget.

Core Events & Venue Services

We’ll provide the crew, gear, insurance and medical oversight you need to create the ‘right’ response capacity for your event or venue’s unique profile.
If you have a venue that requires consistent first aid and/or paramedic coverage, we have you covered. 

Medical Direction & Consulting

Odyssey has an inclusive, ever-evolving Medical Direction and Symptom Relief program to support first responders, medics and advanced medical team members providing care at special events and remote deployments nationally.

Odyssey Medical has had an active Medical Direction Program since 2014, supporting our team members all across Canada. 

We are proud to have committed members across multiple training levels contributing to policy creation, review and implementation. 

Medical Direction Program

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Our Crew


We’re ALWAYS ready to welcome great new clinicians, operators, field responders, lifeguards, unit clerks, divers, event support volunteers, ski patrollers, rescue specialists, wilderness responders, occupational first aid attendants, radios communications experts, social media leads, crew caterers, photographers and much, much more.

The mix of people on the team and the huge diversity in skill-sets is what makes Odyssey’s team EPIC!  

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Latest News

Event Medical Media Scan – March 2021 Edition

FOREWORD A year ago, the world plunged into an unprecedented public health emergency with COVID-19. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 to be a global pandemic. Fast forward to March 2021, multiple vaccines have been approved for use in Canada (4 as of time of writing). While uncomfortable, most people have […]

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