Odyssey Management Team

Odyssey’s Crew is composed of thousands of health care professionals and event medical services team members across Canada, and even internationally. We rely also on the expertise of event operations professionals who know how to bring a plan together. 

Our head office staff, consultants and regional leads are just a few of the faces that make it all work. 

Kevin Jones | President & Chief Operating Officer

Kevin is Odyssey’s President & Chief Operating Officer – call-sign Ops Kilo. Kevin is the ‘go-to’ Ops Man. His tenure with Odyssey goes back to the beginning. Kevin’s passions are in the tactical and operational event delivery. He is committed to crew, patients, and customer positive outcomes.

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Amanda Parlett | General Manager

Amanda is Odyssey’s General Manager  – call-sign “Ops Mee-Maw”. Amanda’s primary focus is supporting the day-to-day business operations with a precise focus on supporting our event delivery team.

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Elora Martin | Event Operations Manager – West

Elora is Odyssey’s Event Operation’s Manager in the West.  She considers herself a ‘lifer’ in the world of event medicine and can almost always be found managing our crew covering local community events or organizing the team in preparation of our next major planned event. Her call sign is usually MOM or OPS Unicorn.

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Heather Johnson | Event Operations Manager – East

Heather is Odyssey’s Event Operations Manager – East – call-sign “Ops Heather” (yeah… we’re still working on it). Heather is a key element in our Eastern team’s communication and mobilization. She has a keen connection to our frontline staff.

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Tim Stezik | Risk, Safety & Operations Advisor

Tim is Odyssey’s Senior Event Safety and Operations Advisor. Call-sign ‘OPS Tango/Command Tango’. Tim oversees the events from a risk management and risk aversion outlook, as well as being part of the management and command team on event.

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Stephen Chui | Legal & Compliance Advisor

Stephen (aka Ops Gadget) is Odyssey’s Legal and Compliance Advisor. Stephen’s primary role at Odyssey concerns with all things legal – contracts, privacy, and regulatory compliance. He is also one of the crew coordinators for various Major Planned Events (MPEs) in British Columbia and Alberta.

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Justin Gilbert | Comms, Data & IT Advisor

Justin is the Eastern Canada Manager of Communications, Data & IT. Justin oversees all dispatch operations in Eastern Canada and assist’s the Western Canada team, oversees all radio/communications infrastructure requirements/allocation/sourcing for events, data management and analytic reporting, as well as IT support in Odyssey’s day to day operations. Justin is our radio communications and IT go-to-guy.

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Frank Fugaccia | Equipment & Logistics Advisor

Frank Fugaccia is Odyssey Medical’s Equipment and Logistics manager. Call Sign “Ops Foxtrot,” Frank takes care of the day to day equipment needs of our staff on and off event in the East, while also working on event with his EMR credentials.

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Paul Snobelen | Training & Event Operations

Paul Snobelen, Call sign “Ops Poppa”. Paul is certified as a Crisis and Trauma Responder and author of “Helping Those Who Help: A Lay Responder Support Model” and co-author of “Please. Don’t. Die.” Paul’s primary focus is on increasing the propensity of action by supporting the learning and development with Odyssey’s field staff to improve service delivery  and supporting Odyssey’s staff after dealing with those critical incidents.

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