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Odyssey Medical is innovative, proactive, responsive, compassionate, on time and professional. We develop, manage, and lead event medical response programs and integrate our services into the pre-hospital care environment. Our front-line staff teams are made up of qualified and trained medical and rescue professionals who are dedicated to providing customized and continual care in all environments.

We begin where the road ends.

Core Event Team Positions

Core events are typically events that happen in our communities. They vary from sporting events, and conferences, to obstacle course events and everything in between.

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Venue Medical Team

Venue positions are just that, they occur in venues (buildings, stadiums, etc) around our communities. They vary from sporting events, concerts, conventions, trade shows, and more.

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Major Planned Events

Many of our larger community events – we call them Major Planned Events rely on volunteers otherwise they wouldn’t be possible.

By volunteering with Odyssey, you are able to make a difference to the people around you. This helps to build an existing experience, gain new skills and build friendships. 

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